Xyrex PrawnFresh

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Proaqua is the Australian distributor for the XyRex range.

XyRex© innovative liquid technology can help significantly increase the value of wild-caught and farmed seafood by eliminating bacteria in fish and controlling undesirable enzymatic activity in prawns and other crustaceans.

Suitable for use onboard fishing vessels, processing facilities and fish farms, the XyRex© range of products enhances the performance of fish handling, storage and processing equipment, delivering better quality seafood with much greater shelf life.

Xyrex PrawnFresh

  • XYREX U500 ™

    XyRex© U500

    XyRex© U500 controls the rapid increase of bacteria counts found in the fish belly-cavity immediately after capture and slaughter. By controlling the bacterial levels, the quality, freshness, shelf life and therefore the prices of the catch are improved.

    XyRex© U500 is formulated for application in the fish handling water during the initial fish preparation and gutting treatment prior to fish icing

    XyRex© U500 will assist in maintaining a most suitable and hygienic environment for the treatment, storage, shelf life and handling of fish and help provide a higher quality product. Available in 25L drums

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  • XYREX PrawnFresh ™


    For fresher, longer lasting prawns.

    PrawnFresh is a safe and easy-to-use non-residual product that controls the onset of melanosis in wild-caught and farmed prawns. This results in prawns that have a much longer shelf life, which in turn increases their market value. Available in 5L drums

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    Watch a timelapse video of untreated prawns vs prawns dipped in PrawnFresh




  • XYREX XyResan™


    XyResan™ is the most powerful and effective cleaner, sanitiser and bactericide available today.  It is ideal for use on fishing boats and inside food processing plants and can be applied to all surfaces including bilges, tanks, fish rooms, walls, floors and equipment. Dilute from 50:1 for heavy duty cleaning up to 500:1 for light cleaning.

    Available in 25L drums