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Marine Bloodworms are the most essential component of the maturation diet for all Penaeid shrimp broodstock. These marine bloodworms (Nireisvirens) are cultured by Topsy Baits in bio-secure, land-based ponds along the European coast of the North Sea. The cold-water temperatures and marine algae diet produces a bloodworm high in essential fatty acids (HUFA’s), necessary for sustained reproduction of shrimp broodstock.

Proaqua sources the bloodworms from Topsy Baits, the largest supplier of farmed live bait in Europe. Click here to visit the Topsy Baits website.

    • Bloodworms


    • Feed 8-10% wet body weight of total broodstock population per day
    • Certified free of all shrimp pathogens (TSV, WSSV, YHV)
    • High biomass content – 3 grams per worm,  850 g. per kilo weight after thawing
    • Protein, 60%; Fat, 14%; Ash, 15%;  Cholesterol, 1.2%
    • Flash frozen in one kilo flatpacks
    • 15 x 1 kgflatpacks to a case