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Epicore was founded in 1987, the company’s headquarters and its production facility are located in Eastampton, New Jersey. Epicore has a leading expertise in manufacturing liquid feed for shrimp larvae and recognised global expertise in the production of probiotics.


    • Epicore
    • Epilite

    Epilite - Liquid Hatchery Feeds

    EPILITE feeds are composed of the finest quality, highly palatable and easily digestible ingredients that are constantly available to larvae, promoting consumption and assimilation of the nutrients and hence optimum larval growth and survival. The unique emulsion form of these products provides neutrally buoyant particles that remain suspended in the water column.

    EPILITE feeds are comprised of marine protein, plant protein, olefinic lipids (HUFA), phospholipids, complex carbohydrates, soluble sugars, B complex and C vitamins, fat soluble vitamin complex, broad spectrum micro-nutrient and attractant.


    ParameterEpilite ZEpilite MEpilite PL
    Pack Size1L Bottle1L Bottle1L Bottle
    Avg. Particle Size (Microns)3085245

    • Epibal

    Epibal - Granular Hatchery Feeds

    EPIBAL is a range of high quality granular hatchery feeds for post larval shrimp. It complements Epicore’s liquid larval feeds

    EPIBAL is formulated with the best quality proteins, olefinic lipids, phospholipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and micronutrients for a more readily digested feed. EPIBAL is formulated to minimize leaching of nutrients and to maximize feed digestion. EPIBAL is made by extrusion technology that minimizes heat exposure to maximize retention of delicate essential nutrients, micronutrients and palatability.