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Proaqua is the Australian distributor for Reed Mariculture, the world’s largest producer of marine microalgae concentrates. Reed Mariculture’s unique Instant Algae ® products include a system of products for Rotifer production that work together to support optimum grow-out, enrichment, gut-loading, and productivity.

Reed Mariculture Instant Algae & Cloramx

  • Instant Algae
    • Instant Algae
    • TW1200
    • TP1800
    • Shellfish Diet 1800
    • ISO1800
    • Nanno3600
    • Pavlova 1800
    • Tetra
    • Rotigrow Nanno
    • Rotigrow Plus

    Algae Concentrates

    • Whole Cell, Whole Food marine microalgae – Algal cells are non-viable but intact, retaining all their nutritional value
    • Phototrophically grown
    • Highly concentrated
    • Easy to use
    • No need to invest in infrastructure, time and labour required to grow algae yourself
    • Long shelf-lives
    • Free from pathogens – grown in closed systems remote from the ocean using artificial seawater


    Instant Algae Applications


    Overview and Comparison of Reed Mariculture’s Whole Food, Whole Cell microalgae feeds


    Single Species

    Nanno 3600
    Our most popular feed since 1998. Widely used in finfish and mussel hatcheries, it has
    proven to be very effective with established protocols and it provides an EPA and ARA
    pre-enrichment boost for use with high DHA enrichment protocols.
    Tetraselmis 3600
    Tetraselmis is a large green flagellate with a naturally high lipid level. It also contains
    amino acids that stimulate feeding in marine animals. It is an excellent feed for larval
    shrimp. Tetraselmis is used to help regulate larval setting in bivalve hatcheries and is an
    excellent feed for post set bivalves and larval bivalves larger than 120 microns
    Isochrysis 1800
    A small golden/brown flagellate that is very commonly used in the aquaculture
    industry. It is very high in DHA and often used to enrich zooplankton such as rotifers or
    Artemia. Isochrysis is an essential alga in bivalve hatcheries and is widely used in shrimp
    and finfish hatcheries.
    Pavlova 1800
    A small golden/brown flagellate very similar to Isochrysis, that has a high HUFA and
    sterol content and is excellent for enriching rotifers and other zooplankton. Difficult to
    grow, it is not produced by many hatcheries.
    TW 1200
    Thalassiosira weissflogii is a large diatom (6-20µm x 8-15µm) that is used in the shrimp and shellfish larviculture industry. This algae is considered by several hatcheries to be the single best algae for larval shrimp.
    TP 1800
    Thalassiosira pseudonana is a small diatom (4.5-8 µm x 6-10 µm) that is used in the shrimp and bivalve larviculture industry. This alga has been found to be excellent for larval shrimp. Unlike many diatoms, the omega-3 fatty acid profile of Thalassiosira pseudonana provides, in addition to ample EPA (20.5% of fatty acids), significant DHA (6.3% of fatty acids).



    Rotifer Diet®
    Our original feed blend of Nannochloropsis and Tetraselmis acts as an effective feed and
    health stimulent. It is very effective with established protocols and provides an EPA and
    ARA pre-enrichment boost for use with high DHA enrichment protocols.
    LPB Frozen Shellfish Diet® is a highly concentrated, nutritious mix of Tetraselmis sp, Thalassiosira weissflogii and Thalassiosira pseudonana - species that have all demonstrated success with a variety of shellfish including oysters, clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp, and sea cucumbers.
    Shellfish Diet® 1800
    Shellfish Diet 1800® is a unique mix of six marine microalgae - Isochrysis, Pavlova, Tetraselmis, Chaetoceros calcitrans, Thalassiosira weissflogii and Thalassiosira pseudonana - species that have all demonstrated success with a variety of shellfish including oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops.



    Rotigrow Plus®
    A clean, high yield rotifer feed that maximizes pre-enrichment levels of DHA, EPA and
    ARA. It is the essential first step in the RotiGrow System depending on the nutritional
    requirements of the fish larvae. It can be used as a stand-alone feed or in combination
    with one of our N-Rich enrichment products.
    Rotigrow Nanno®
    A clean, single species (Nannochloropsis) and our highest yielding feed that produces
    very large quantities of phospholipids-rich rotifers of all types. It provides the highest
    biomass conversion rate of our products, with the least in-tank organic waste, and gives
    a high EPA/ARA pre-enrichment boost for high DHA-enrichment protocols.
    N-Rich High Pro®
    Formulated for maximum-enrichment protocols that require 6-8 hours, N-Rich High Pro
    ensures that the rotifer’s soft tissue and gut contain the highest levels of proteins and
    lipids rich in phospholipid HUFAs, as well as a host of carotenoids, sterols, vitamins,
    enzymes, and other key nutrients. Effective for overnight and 24-hr enrichment
    N-Rich PL Plus®
    With more bio-available phospholipids and other membrane lipids from microalgae,
    rotifers grown with RotiGrow Plus and enriched using N-Rich PL Plus can achieve
    near optimal enrichment in one to two hours. Achieve HUFA enrichment in excess of
    60mg/g with a 6-8 hour enrichment with high DHA:EPA and ARA:EPA ratios.
    RotiGreen® Nanno
    (Nanno 3600)
    Extremely clean, it offers excellent suspension in the water column. RotiGreen Nanno
    replaces Nanno 3600, our original greenwater product available since 1998.
    RotiGreen® Omega
    The most trusted and widely accepted greenwater feed, RotiGreen Omega balances
    DHA/EPA with ARA to optimally nourish fish and maintain the health of rotifers.
    RotiGreen® Iso
    RotiGreen Iso is an Isochrysis 1800 formulation that can maintain or further increase the
    DHA/EPA ratio in your rotifers and larval fish to meet their nutritional requirements.

  • ClorAm-X
    • ClorAm-X


    ClorAm-X is a dry powder water conditioner that detoxifies and removes ammonia, chlorine, and chloramines in both fresh and salt water. ClorAm-X is manufactured by AquaScience Research Group, distributed through Reed Mariculture.

    ClorAm-X should be used:

    • When conditioning new water for aquariums, tanks, ponds, and live-haul containers;
    • After or during water additions;
    • Before adding new plants, invertebrates, fishes or amphibians to an existing aquarium, tank, or pond; and
    • To live-haul containers, during transportation of live fishes, amphibians, or aquatic invertebrates, to control and eliminate ammonia in the shipping water

  • Rotifer Floss (Filter)

    Rotifer Floss (Filter)

     Rotifer Floss is a new innovation for cleaning detritus and ciliates out of rotifer systems. Keeping the water and tank clean from detritus (rotifer waste) is critically important in maintaining healthy, stable cultures – especially in high density systems. Detritus contains high levels of bacteria which are sticky. Rotifer Floss is a loose weave filter that allows water to easily pass through it, but has a high surface area which the detritus sticks to.

    Product Use

    Wrap around stand-pipe or hang vertically in culture vessel. To prevent floating, attach a small weight to the bottom edge. Do not lay on bottom of vessel.

    Cleaning the Filter

    When the floss is full of detritus simply lift the floss out of the rotifer tank, lets it drain for 10 seconds over the tank, then wash it down with a garden or pressure hose or in a sink. The detritus easily falls off the filter under pressure and it can immediately be put back into the rotifer system. It should take less than 1 minute for the entire process.

    If you have a small rotifer system (1 to 20 gallons) we recommend stirring the water up and brushing free any waste sticking to the interior walls prior to putting the floss back in. This will lift detritus off the bottom of the tank and back into the water column where the floss will remove it.

    In time, the floss will pick up color from the feed but this is not a problem. There is no downside to cleaning the floss more often.

  • CCS Basic Set

    CCS Basic Set

    Live zooplankton such as rotifers and Artemia are essential first-feeds for the larve of many fish (for example, Clownfish). The APBreed Compact Culture System (CCS) is designed to make benchtop-scale culture of zooplankton easy and reliable.

    The CCS combines a conveniently-sized 5-gallon bucket with a custom-made fitting that incorporates an aerator and a particulate waste trap. Aeration provides oxygenation and water circulation that draws particulate wastes into the trap (floss).

    Daily maintenance of the culture (aside from feeding and harvesting) requires only 5 minutes to flush the wastes from the trap and brush the interior surfaces of the bucket. The CCS is sturdy and easily transported, and includes a flexible translucent cover that isolates the culture from contamination.

    Our CCS Basic Set includes specialized parts required to turn your own 20L bucket into a continuous growth and harvest high-density rotifer system.

    You will need to supply…

    • 20L Bucket ++
    • Saltwater
    • Rotifers
    • Air Source ((Hagen – Marina 200suggested)
    • Feed (Rotigrow Nanno)